B2B Bundle

Do you have clear terms and conditions with your business clients? Maybe you think you’ll your clients will be scared off by a ‘contract’ or you’ve never had issues with clients so don’t think a written contract is necessary?

We’ve created a document bundle that is specially designed for businesses that do business with other businesses.

Whether you’re selling your services or physical products, terms and conditions will help you:

  • Clarify your scope of work and avoid client’s asking for additional work and not wanting to pay additional fees;
  • Protect your Intellectual Property;
  • Get paid on time with clear consequences for late payment;
  • Specify how your retainer or contract can be terminated.

The B2B Bundle is tailored to your business. The consultation with Principal Lawyer and Accredited Specialist in Business Law, Emilia Cardillo, will help identify key areas of your business and customise your terms and conditions to these specific areas. You’ll also receive advice on the key clauses of the terms and conditions and how to implement your terms and conditions with new and existing customers.

The B2B bundle is designed to create real value for your business by creating a document that will be your key contract with your clients.

For your investment of $880 including GST (valued at $1,100 including GST), you’ll receive:

  • Terms and Conditions for your service based or product based business; and
  • 45 minute consultation with Emilia Cardillo, Principal Lawyer and Founder.
  • Privacy Policy; and
  • Website Terms of Use.

Ready to work with us? 

Email us with your subject line as “B2B Bundle” at office@cardillolaw.com.au to get started.

Never worked with a lawyer before and not sure what to expect?

Here’s what our clients have to say:

Starting a business in professional services, I knew I needed proper legally binding documents and processes. Determined to do it right the first time, I invested in the services of Emilia Cardillo.

Emilia explained everything to me every step of the way. Any questions were always answered with guidance and a professionalism like no other.
Having clear documents, processes, and guidelines to operate my business by has given me complete confidence to deliver work to my clients each and every day.

Thank-you Emilia for your knowledge and your skill. I recommend you to anyone I know seeking a commercial lawyer.
Emilia was wonderful to work with. She interpreted what I was asking for with ease and was able to produce documents that were exactly what I was seeking for my business contracts.

Her explanations were thorough and easy to understand, and she operated in a timely manner.

I highly recommend her and will be using her in the future.

Meet Founder and Principal Lawyer, Emilia Cardillo

Emilia has over 10 years experience in the legal industry, specialising in commercial and property law and is an Accredited Specialist in Business Law. Emilia is Newcastle’s first female Accredited Specialist in Business Law.

Emilia’s legal knowledge encompasses a broad range of legal services including commercial transactions and negotiation, competition and consumer law, residential and commercial conveyancing and retail and commercial leasing.

Having launched her own online retail business, ROYAL RHINO in 2016, Emilia has first hand experience of the challenges facing businesses in the fast paced digital age and the need to balance quality legal advice to manage risks in business with managing the costs of operating a business. Emilia is able to provide risk minimisation strategies for business by providing legal advice that is not only technical but also acknowledging the commercial realities of doing business.